About the Music

Klezmer Illustration, artist unknown

East Rock Klezmer creates a traditional Jewish sound with its instrumentation of clarinet, accordion, fiddle, and poike. Our repertory comes largely from the Eastern European tour de forces such as Beregovski, Kostakowsky, and Belf, as well as the American collections of Tarras and Beckerman.

We enjoy playing for all who are open to hear us! Klezmer has the ability to express the gamut of human emotions; we hope to inspire dancing, singing, laughing, and⁄or crying through our music.

Here are some samples of our music:


Goldenshteyn Bulgars
Beregovski Freylekhs
Beregovski Tish Nign
"Cowboy Song" (Freylekhs from Dorozhnaia)
Kostakowsky Sher


Shoreline Jewish Festival part 1
Shoreline Jewish Festival part 2
Shoreline Jewish Festival part 3